Kristjan Kristjansson

A bit more about me


Kristjan is CEO & Co-Founder of - the people process automation platform for seamless employee journeys and enhanced productivity.

50skills is a software solution that amplifies HR managers to automate their people processes. It's a no-code employee journey builder, that increases productivity, performance & retention.

It's lightning fast with Apple like designs in UX/UI. It integrates with anything employers use and can bring custom AI services such as OpenAI GPT's to any process.

Journeys by 50skills provides a comprehensive suite of templates designed to support every people process imaginable, from onboarding and crossboarding to offboarding, paperwork management, video training, and system integrations. These ready-to-use templates offer a robust foundation for businesses to efficiently manage and optimize all aspects of their HR operations.

Prior to 50skills, Kristjan was VP of Marketing Products at Meniga (2014-2017). There he helped the company grow into being a Fintech white-label leader in Europe serving more than 50 million people in 20 countries.

Prior to Meniga Kristjan was CEO of Klak, which focuses on empowering the Icelandic Entrepreneurial Eco-system with various initiatives.

He co-founded and managed Startup Reykjavik (2012-2013), the #1 Seed Accelerator in Iceland. He also served as an accredited Global Facilitator for Startup Weekend (2009-2016), where he facilitated more than 10+ Startup weekends in diverse places, ranging from various places in the Nordics to Tehran, Iran (2012). He was the global partner for Global Entrepreneurship Week in Iceland (2009-2013), TEDxReykjavik licensee (2011-2013) and the former manager of Iceland’s largest idea competition, the Golden Egg (2009-2011).

Kristjan is a keynote speaker on the Future of Hiring, Entrepreneurship and Business Models. More than +1k students have sat in his classes at the University of Iceland, Bifrost, University and Reykjavík University.

Kristjan has founded three startups. First, a small and an honest software failure in the contracting space, second a souvenir startup which sold volcanic ash from the Volcano Eyjafjallajökull and thirdly 50skills.

Kristján has a Bachelor degree in Political Science with emphasis on economics and a master’s degree in Marketing, both from the University of Iceland.

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